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Why choose CBDex?


Under the current legislation food supplements producers are required to only produce and sell products that do not contain THC and THC-related cannabinoids. Some companies would like you to believe that there is an acceptable limit – but there’s none. THC is simply prohibited, and so are any full spectrum extracts. The fact, that there are some producers on the market who sell full spectrum extracts and/or products containing THC was one of the main reasons the MHRA intervened and imposed a ban on sale of CBD products.
Also note, that Cannabis Indica is just another name for marihuana, and any products made of it are illegal.
We, on the other hand, use only 100% legal Cannabis Sativa.

Unique extraction method

In order to be fully compliant with both UK and European laws we’ve partnered up with the Academy of Science in Prague, and together developed a unique CBD extraction method. This allows us to produce and supply CBD products that do not contain THC and THC-related cannabinoids, and are fully compliant with both UK and European laws.
Extract made using this method is called Cannabis Sativa Flower Extract (CSFE). It is, technically speaking, a fractionized and purified extract. It does not contain THC and THC-related cannabinoids, but it still contains all of the remaining cannabinoids and terpenes to make the entourage effect possible.

Guaranteed amount of CBD

It is a common practice on the market to advertise products with high % of CBD like "25% CBD oil". After examining its contents closely, we may find in a majority of cases, that those high numbers refer not to the percentage of CBD in whole product, but only to the percentage of CBD in extract, that is only partially present in whole product. So, for instance, one of the leading sellers on the market claims to sell 25% CBD oils. The details, however, contradict that – 10 ml is roughly 10.000 mg consisting of 9.500 mg of hemp oil and 500 mg extract. Those 25% are related only to the extract part – meaning it is in fact just 150 mg! We explain this further in one of our blog posts here.
With CBDex® our customers know exactly what they are buying: the % always represents how much CBD is in the full bottle. So, 5% in a 10-ml bottle is 500 mg of CBD, in a 20-ml bottle it is 1.000 mg. To see lab tests, go here

Lab tested

CBDex® products are rigorously tested throughout the production process and then before they leave our production facility. We maintain high standards and are not afraid of any third-party testing. Lab tests for all CBDex® products may be found here. A press release of the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute which says CBDex® products are among a handful of products that meet legal requirements and are of the highest quality may be found here.


CBDex® products do not contain any added artificial flavours or colorants, but only natural carriers of the active ingredient and organic essential oils for natural flavour, targeted effect and maximum positive feeling.



First hemp ointment is made

Jan Janovsky made first hemp ointment to help his mother’s post-op wounds to heal and started to educate himself about hemp.


Hemp textile fibre company established

After initial success at international shows a company Mr Janovsky partnered up with, went bust. It wasn’t the right time for this idea to turn into business, and so Mr Janovsky started from scratch.

2001 – 2002

Cannabis Pharma introduces first ever hemp cosmetics

Cannaderm® is born thanks to the cooperation of Mr Janovsky, Mr Kubes and two other founding partners. Cannaderm included producst against aft (???), oparům, zánětům dásní, lupénce, atopii, ekzémům, bolestem kloubů a svalů, ale také produkty podporující krásnou a zdravě vypadající kůži.

2003 – now

Partnerships with leading scientists

Experiencing the power of hemp first hand the owners strike partnerships with leading scientists in the cannabis and hemp research, including the Czech Academy of Science.


Changes to Drug Laws proposed

Mr Janovsky proposes changes to czech drug laws and promotes hemp’s multiple uses.


Cannabis Pharma begins with CBD extraction

The company focuses on CBD extraction from hemp and together with dr. Storch from the Czech Academy of Science spends years finding the right way of extracting a fully compliant and natural product.


Cannaderm acquired by SimplyYou

Cannaderm with 3 – 4 mil EUR turnover and pan-european presence was sold to a leading UK pharma company Simply You Pharmaceuticals and continues being the leading innovator on the market.


CBDex introduced at Cannafest

CBDex is the first 100% legal variety of products on the market.

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